Lenco™ 9" x 12" Reverse Mnt Trimtab Kit W/Electro Polished Plates No Switch

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• The reverse mount trim tab has a short ram, perfect where space is limited on the transoms or reverse if there is a swim platform.
• The actuator can be installed on the underside of a swim platform and does not impede tab movement (as seen in Diagram A).
• Lenco Electric Trim Tab Kits make your boat ride smoother, drier, faster and with increased safety whether on a small boat or a large yacht.
• The Lenco ballscrew design is more reliable, three times more powerful and features an instant response, which makes them very user friendly compared to typical hydraulics.
• Plates 12 gauge - 304G stainless steal and 1/8" diameter hinge pin.
• Equipped with a fast response electric actuators for precise control.
• Fully submersible with all Plug and Play Deutsch connections.
• Compliance: CE Certified .
• 5 Year Warranty (Recreational Use).

Kit Includes:
• 2 x 12 gauge stainless steel trim tab blades L 9" x W 12" with welded on lower mount bracket 5/16" hole.
• 2 x 101XDS actuators with 6' lead and Deutsch plugs.
• 2 x 20' actuator extension wiring harnesses.
• 2 x Upper mounting bracket with gland seal.
• 2 x XD lower mounting bracket.
• All necessary stainless steel mounting hardware