JABSCO Premium Electric Toilet

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Heavy duty, premium quality electric marine toilets with many features for high performance, comfort, easy cleaning and attractive appearance.Gives the ease and convenience of electric operation at an affordable price.
  • Pure white vitreous china bowl, contoured base, covered motor and fastening covers all contribute to easy cleaning and attractive appearance
  • Standard compact sized bowl where space is at a premium or largehousehold type bowl with large seat & lid for at-home type comfort
  • Heavy duty dual flush pump self-primes up to 1.2 metres vertical lift and grinds waste as it pumps, with stainless macerator
  • May be mounted 1 metre below the waterline
  • Equally suitable for overboard or holding tank discharge
  • Built-in backflow preventer in discharge housing
  • Stainless steel and bronze fastenings for reliable salt water service

Supplied complete with heavy duty push button switch.  Plumbing connections suit both 16mm (5/8") & 20mm (3/4") inlet hose and both 25mm (1") and 38mm (1 1/2") outlet hose.Standard compact bowl or large bowl toilets in both 12 volt and 24 volt. For installations below the static or heeled waterline vented loops should be fitted - also use a solenoid valve.

Standard Compact Bowl Electric Toilet

Size : 352mm wide x 450mm deep x 350mm high