Hydraulic Ob Steering Kit Max 120Hp

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All in one Hydrodrive Hydraulic steering outboard kit for small vessels up to 120 Horse power. Does not include engine arm or wheel.

Kits Include 1L of Hydraulic Oil. No steering wheel included. *No Engine Arm. Customers Please Note: Suzuki Outboards require purchase of Extension Adaptors

  • Engine Power MAX: 120 HP
  • Output Force: 236kg
  • Torque: 51 kgf
  • Max Speed: 50 kts
  • Pump: TL1-16 MRA 16cc
  • Turns: 4.5
  • Lock Valve: Yes
  • Cylinder: MC90W 71cc, 210mm stroke
  • Hose Set: Twin 5.0+5.0m (16')
  • Autopilot capable: Yes